On 07/28/2014 12:39 PM, Duy Nguyen wrote:
I know wine is kind of second citizen but is there a cheap trick to
make it work on wine? Reverting fcd428f (Win32: fix broken pipe
detection - 2012-03-01) could result in conflicts in compat that I'm
not comfortable resolving. I don't have Windows at home. Wine is the
only option for me (or if somebody has a modern.ie image for KVM, or a
simple recipe to make one, that'd be great). "Fix wine" is not really
an option.
Is it only that patch that needs to be reverted to make things work got wine? For me It seems as if the patch is not that huge, and manually do a copy-paste
with the help of a diff tool can be done.

It seems as if even both implemenations can live side-by-side in the code.
And if there is a run-time detection for wine, we could switch between the
old one and the new one which is dependent on how MSVCRT.dll has layed out
internal data structures:
 "ioinfo structure (exposed by MSVCRT.dll via  __pioinfo"

Sorry being not more helpful

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