Jeff King <> writes:

> When you list stashes, you can provide arbitrary git-log
> options to change the display. However, adding just "-p"
> does nothing, because each stash is actually a merge commit.
> This implementation detail is easy to forget, leading to
> confused users who think "-p" is not working. We can make
> this easier by specifying "--cc" as a default ourselves
> (which does nothing if no diff format is requested by the
> user).


"git log --cc" is one of the things I wanted for a long time to fix.
When the user explicitly asks "--cc", we currently ignore it, but
because we know the user wants to view combined diff, we should turn
"-p" on automatically.  And the change this patch introduces will be
broken when we fix "log --cc" ("stash list" will end up always
showing the patch, without a way to disable it).

Can you make this conditional?  Do this only when <options> are
given to "git stash list" command and that includes "-p" or

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