Le 02/08/2014 12:07, Eric Wong a écrit :
Thanks.  In the future, it's expected to Cc: anybody who showed interest
in previous versions of your patch.

Monard Vong <travelingsou...@gmail.com> wrote:
When a client certificate is required to connect to a Subversion repository,
the certificate location and password may be stored in Subversion config 
Commands like "git svn init/fetch/dcommit" do not prompt for client 
if the location is set in SVN config file, but "git svn branch" does not use 
the config
directory, resulting in prompting for certificate location/password all the 
The commit message is probably too long, and needs to be line-wrapped.

Perhaps something like:
Subject: [PATCH] git-svn: branch: avoid systematic prompt for cert/pass

Commands such as "git svn init/fetch/dcommit" do not prompt for client
certificate/password if they are stored in SVN config file.  Make "git
svn branch" consistent with the other commands, as SVN::Client is
capable of building its own authentication baton from information in the
SVN config directory.

Signed-off-by: Monard Vong <travelingsou...@gmail.com>

I can push the above with my Signed-off-by if you are happy with it.
Thanks again!
Please do, all pleasure is mine, and thanks a lot for your feedback.

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