On 01/08/14 23:30, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Tony Finch <d...@dotat.at> writes:
>> Some MUAs delete their "drafts" folder when it is empty, so
>> git imap-send should be able to create it if necessary.
> Thanks for an update; queued.

BTW, this provokes a warning from gcc (v4.8.2) for me:

        CC imap-send.o
    imap-send.c:561:25: warning: ‘issue_imap_cmd’ defined but not used 
     static struct imap_cmd *issue_imap_cmd(struct imap_store *ctx,
It seems the change to get_cmd_result(), in commit 7ebac713, removes
the only remaining (two) calls to issue_imap_cmd().


Ramsay Jones

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