Personally (a user of, not a maintainer of, git) I really want some
alternative backends.  In particular I'm after something like Fossil's
use of SQLite3; I want a SQLite3 backend for several reasons, not the
least of which is the power of SQL for looking at history.

I'm not sure that I necessarily want a daemon/background process.  I
get the appeal (add inotify and bingo, very fast git status, always),
but it seems likely to add obnoxious failure modes.

As to a SQLite3-type backend, I am of two minds: either add it as a
bolt-on to the builtin backend, or add it as a first-class backend
that replaces the builtin one.  The former is nice because the SQLite3
DB becomes more of a cache/index and query engine than a store, and
can be used without migrating any repos, but the latter is also nice
because SQLite3 provides strong ACID transactional semantics on local

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