with rust's git repo -- located at
https://github.com/rust-lang/rust.git -- we see odd results from
git-describe for the latest tag.

$ git rev-parse HEAD

$ git describe  --debug
searching to describe HEAD
finished search at 7140d7c52bdf55daf0b978a19706d20c3bf7ee92
 annotated       3627 0.10
 annotated       5929 0.9
 annotated       8581 0.8
 annotated      11686 0.7
 annotated      14540 0.6
 annotated      15230 0.11.0
traversed 15232 commits

Somehow it reports that 0.11.0 is missing tons of commits that are in
HEAD. rev-list disagrees with this:

$ git rev-list 0.11.0.. | wc -l

The `SEARCH STRATEGY` section of the manpage says that the commit
numbers for describe and rev-list should match, which is not the case

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