Holger Hellmuth <hellm...@ira.uka.de> writes:

> On 23.07.2014 21:33, Sergei Organov wrote:
>> What actually bothers me is the unfortunate consequence that "git pull"
>> is not always a no-op when nothing was changed at the origin since the
>> last "git pull". THIS is really surprising and probably should better be
>> fixed. Requiring -f is just one (obvious) way to fix this.
> That would invalidate the simple rule that "git pull" is equivalent to
> "git fetch" + "git rebase".

Sorry, I don't see how it would invalidate this. My suggestion even
won't change git-pull source code at all, only git-rebase code.

> git rebase depends on both branches it operates on, not just one. The
> same goes for "git merge", I assume it is just a coincidence that git
> merge does have this characteristic you now expect both to have.

git pull --reabse=false
git pull --rebase=preserve

both have this property.

git pull --rebase=true

almost always has this property, unless there are local merge commits to 
be rebased.

So, I'd rather say it's likely behavior of "git pull --rebase=true" that
is a coincidence.

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