Am 05.08.2014 20:47, schrieb Jeff King:
> On Mon, Aug 04, 2014 at 09:19:46PM +0200, Karsten Blees wrote:
>> Hmm, I wonder if it wouldn't be simpler to read / write the desired on-disk
>> structure directly, without copying to a uchar[6] first.
> Probably. My initial attempt was to keep together the read/write logic
> about which sizes each item is, but I think the result ended up
> unnecessarily verbose and harder to follow.

Yeah, having read / write logic in different files is confusing, esp. when
not using structs to define the file format.

>> Here's what I came up with (just a sketch, commit message is lacky and the
>> helper functions deserve a better place / name):
> I like it. Want to clean it up and submit in place of mine?

Will do, but it will have to wait till next week.

> -Peff

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