Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Tanay Abhra <> writes:
>> ...
>> +    grep "line 7.*.git/config\|.git/config.*line 7" result
>> +'
> This is still dependant on the locale ("line" is translated). You need
> to use test_i18ngrep instead of grep here (see its definition and
> comment in t/
> I don't think you need these two alternatives OTOH.
> BTW, Junio, I don't understand your remark "This test is too tight (the
> full string)" in the previous iteration. Can you elaborate?

The original test was trying to match the string fully, i.e.

> +     grep "fatal: bad config variable '\'''\'' at file line 2 in 
> .git/config" result

As I already was feeling funny about seeing the phrase "file line"
in the message and expecting it to be corrected, I thought I should
encourage a check that does not depend on minor phrasing changes, if
it can be done without bending backwards.

I do agree with you that using "\|" in "grep" a pattern to trigger
ERE Alternation counts as "bending backwards" as that is a GNU
extension and not portable.
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