I tried using escaped globs with git mv, but globs don't seem to be
expanded with git mv.

So, for example, I've got files file1 & file2, and have been editing
them, so I've got file1~ and file2~ also, and *~ is in .gitignore.

If I do:

$ mkdir newdir
$ git mv file* newdir

I get a 'fatal: not in repository' error because I'm trying to move
untracked files.

Since we can do git add file\*, I tried:

$ git mv file\* newdir

I get a 'bad source, source=file* destination=file*' error. It seems
to be looking for a file named 'file*' rather than performing glob

If I do:

$ rm *~
$ git mv file* newdir

Everything works as expected. It would be convenient if git mv
expanded escaped globs.

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