On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 12:47 PM, Tony Finch <d...@dotat.at> wrote:
> Nico Williams <n...@cryptonector.com> wrote:
>> Either way I retain the old HEAD with some name.
> Hmm, yes, I can see that would work. However my previous workflow was
> rather branch-heavy and I found the accumulation of names annoying. I have
> not yet had enough usage out of git-repub to see if it goes too far in the
> direction of lack-of-names. A big omission is no opportunity to edit its
> commit messages.

Oh, I just read your script more carefully and looked at your example
history again.  You're using parent metadata in the commits to keep
the history alive without the extra names, correct?  *That* is
_clever_.  Hats off.  I may have to steal this script :)

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