Fabian Ruch <baf...@gmail.com> writes:

> @@ -634,21 +644,24 @@ do_replay () {
>               comment_for_reflog pick
>               mark_action_done
> -             do_pick $sha1 || die_with_patch $sha1 "Could not apply $sha1... 
> $rest"
> +             eval do_pick $opts $sha1 \
> +                     || die_with_patch $sha1 "Could not apply $sha1... $rest"

You had me a little puzzled at the switch to 'eval' here.  That is
necessary to match the quoting added in 20/23, not for any change in
this commit.  This commit is simply the first one to trigger this.
Also, are you sure $sha1 does not require quoting through an eval?

Please add tests to this patch.

Thomas Rast
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