Hello everyone,

I have just finished the Bulgarian translation of git. Doing this
allowed me to identify about 90 places where the original messages can
be improved - for consistency, spaces/tabs, abbreviations etc. 12 of
these places however are really WTF messages - they do not explain
properly what is wrong or right about the current state i.e. the user
does not know what the problem is wrong and is left clueless how to
fix things.

I will send a patch with my suggestion for improving these 12
messages. Fixing these will provide most value for the final user of
git. The rest of improvements can wait.

I will add the maintainer of i18n, every active translator of git to
CC so they can react accordingly or just add suggestions.

I think fixing these in the 2.1 timeframe is not possible as the state
of the translations will suffer plus there needs to be at least some
minimal discussion as I can have botched the messages. I propose
fixing them in early 2.1 maintenance releases or 2.2 latest.

Just FYI, the set of WTFs is:

#: merge-recursive.c:1861
msgid "Unprocessed path??? %s"

#: builtin/clean.c:517
msgid "Huh (%s)?"

#: builtin/commit.c:1201
msgid "Clever... amending the last one with dirty index."

#: builtin/index-pack.c:1067
msgid "confusion beyond insanity in parse_pack_objects()"

#: builtin/index-pack.c:1142
msgid "confusion beyond insanity"

#: builtin/log.c:995
msgid "insane in-reply-to: %s"

#: builtin/log.c:1068
msgid "Two output directories?"

#: builtin/merge.c:845
msgid "Wonderful.\n"

#: builtin/merge.c:1403
msgid "Nope.\n"

#: builtin/remote.c:954
msgid " ???"

#: builtin/tag.c:504
msgid "no tag message?"

#: git-bisect.sh:424
msgid "?? what are you talking about?"

Kind regards:
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