Hi Thomas,

Thomas Rast writes:
> Fabian Ruch <baf...@gmail.com> writes:
>> @@ -923,6 +923,8 @@ EOF
>>      ;;
>>  esac
>> +mkdir -p "$state_dir" || die "Could not create temporary $state_dir"
>> +
>>  git var GIT_COMMITTER_IDENT >/dev/null ||
>>      die "You need to set your committer info first"
>> @@ -938,7 +940,6 @@ then
>>  fi
>>  orig_head=$(git rev-parse --verify HEAD) || die "No HEAD?"
>> -mkdir -p "$state_dir" || die "Could not create temporary $state_dir"
>>  : > "$state_dir"/interactive || die "Could not mark as interactive"
>>  write_basic_state
> Why this change?  I can't figure out how it relates to the output
> change.

Creating the state directory a few steps earlier into
'git_rebase__interactive' is necessary because the changed definition of
'output' needs it for 'editor.sh'. This change was triggered by a
failing test case that used the <branch> argument with git-rebase. The
'git checkout <branch>', which is executed if 'switch_to' is set to
<branch>, is wrapped into an 'output' line and 'output' failed because
it wasn't able to create 'editor.sh'.

The state directory (of git-rebase--interactive!) is now created
directly after the case expression that handles --continue, --skip and
--edit-todo. They all assume the existence of the state directory and
either jump into 'do_rest' or 'exit' immediately, that is creating the
directory earlier would make the options handling code somewhat
incorrect and would not change anything for the start sequence of

The patch message now reads as follows (with the reference to 7725cb5 in
the second paragraph and the complete third paragraph added):

> rebase -i: hide interactive command messages in verbose mode
> git-rebase--interactive prints summary messages of the commits it
> creates in the final history only if the `--verbose` option is
> specified by the user and suppresses them otherwise. This behaviour
> is implemented by wrapping git-commit calls in a shell function named
> `output` which redirects stderr to stdout, captures stdout in a shell
> variable and ignores its contents unless the command exits with an
> error status.
> The command lines used to implement the to-do list commands `reword`
> and `squash` print diagnostic messages even in non-verbose mode. The
> reason for this inconsistency is that both commands launch the log
> message editor which usually requires a working terminal attached to
> stdin. Wrapping the `reword` and `squash` command lines in `output`
> would seemingly freeze the terminal (see commit 7725cb5, "rebase -i:
> fix reword when using a terminal editor"). Temporarily redirect the
> editor output to a third file descriptor in order to ship it around
> the capture stream. Wrap the remaining git-commit command lines in
> the new `output`.
> In order to temporarily redirect the editor output, the new
> definition of `output` creates a script in the state directory to be
> used as `GIT_EDITOR`. Make sure the state directory exists before
> `output` is called for the first time.
> fake_editor prints the to-do list before and after applying the
> `FAKE_LINES` rewrite rules to it. Redirect this debug output to
> stderr so that it does not interfere with the git-rebase status
> output. Add test.

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