> If there were something else "Huh?" could mean after you
> give a response to that prompt, but I do not think there is.
OK, you love your "Huh"s. Good for you. I cannot find a convincing
argument then.

> If I were asked to say what it is then, I would say "it reassures".
It is like a jewel you find in a quest? On the other hand you say the
message is rare enough and shown too late to be useful so there is
little gain to change it. OK, fair enough.

> Yes, I see the primary value of this thread was to trigger that
> suggestion to classify which die()s are BUG()s.

> Because I've never imagined anybody would sensibly expect "mv a1...
>... your rewrite here is definitely a good one in that sense.
My experience shows that messages need to be as helpful as possible
even at the cost of some repetition.

> FWIW, I see it as a feature to have small number of messages phrased
> in colourful ways, especially the ones that do not require reaction
I really do not know what to say. People can be color-blind even for
messages plus in-jokes frequently do not travel well across languages.
Sharing my experience: the messages were hard to translate because
they were hard to understand.
I had to follow the code in order to understand their meaning and
usage. Hopefully other users of git will be more clever than me.
I did my best at improving the messages but as you do not perceive it
the same way there would be no sense in continuing the discussion much

Will you reconsider:
- ???
+ unknown state
Recoding problems with translations, settings of console sometimes
lead to missing or wrongly encoded characters to show as '?'. Three
'?' can be confusing when shown in translation.

> We obviously do not want to overdo it, but the ones we have are all old ones.
You overdid it for me. On the positive side I hope I have listed all
oldies but goldies and next changes will be less touchy.

Do you want me redoing this patch or not at all?

Kind regards:
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