Dear GIT community,

I found myself in situation where I had to install GIT on Debian 3.1
sarge.  It comes with GCC 3.3.5. I tried to built from source but the
libgcc was not providing the ctzll function, thus I decided to put an

I do not know how to post and do a nice patch (and whether somebody
will care), but I guess, for reference I can post my solution. Just
appended in compat/strlcpy.c the following:

int __builtin_ctzll (long long x)
        int i;
        for (i = 0; i < 8 * sizeof (long long); ++i)
                if (x & ((long long) 1  << i))
        return i;

I guess that some ifdef macro can be used to detect compiler version
or missing __builtin_ctzll.

With best regards and hopes that this can help somebody in similar situation,
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