>>              if (pack_idx_opts.version > 2)
>> -                    die("bad pack.indexversion=%"PRIu32,
>> -                        pack_idx_opts.version);
>> -            return 0;
>> +                    die("bad pack.indexversion=%"PRIu32, 
>> pack_idx_opts.version);
> One more opportunity for git_die_config()?

Yup, I had thought of changing that and above to git_die_config(), but didn't do
it, will send a revised patch.

> Not that it's terribly important, but I think it's good that your
> refactoring also brings a few end-users benefits. It will help you show

I have been rewriting callers and the law of diminishing returns kicked in. I 
rewritten some other call sites but I didn't see them bringing any benefits 
control flow, less lines, bugs eliminated), so I left them out.

> off when you tell your friends what you did this summer (not "I did
> useless code churn" ;-) ), and helps everybody see the benefits of your
> GSoC ;-).
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