Sergey Organov <> writes:

>> A sentence "--force has no effect under --preserve-merges mode" does
>> not tell the readers very much, either and leaves them wondering if
>> it means "--preserve-merges mode always rebases every time it is
>> asked, never noticing 'ah, the history is already in a good shape
>> and there is no need to do anything further'" or "--preserve-merges
>> mode ignores --force and refuses to recreate the history if the
>> history is in the shape the mode deems is already desirable."
> In fact there is no way to force rebase when --preserve-merges is given.
> Neither --force nor --no-ff has any effect.
> Maybe some clarification could be given in --preserve-merges
> description, provided it's not clear that "has no effect" for --force
> means that one can't force the rebase in this case.

I am not sure if that is an intended behaviour or simply a bug (I
rarely use preserve-merges myself, so I offhand do not know for

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