Ramsay Jones <ram...@ramsay1.demon.co.uk> writes:

> Are you going to tag and push v2.1.0 to the documentation repos?

I forgot to do the documentation build (which used to be triggered
from post-receive hook at k.org and never had the risk of anybody
forgetting, but it is all manual now---progress X-<) yesterday.  It
is pushed out now.


This is a tangent, but I probahbly should start talking with k.org
folks about arranging to keep the preformatted individual manual
pages (not the tarball that your messages is about) up-to-date.  The
last time I checked, their file-upload procedure these days are
geared towards the use case to upload a handful of tarballs and I
haven't found a way that is not too cumbersome to update a directory
tree with hundreds of individual files.

For now, https://git-htmldocs.googlecode.com/git/git.html would do,
but I'd prefer to have at least two sites to publish to, and k.org
is the natural "other" candidate.

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