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> Skickat: måndag, 18 aug 2014 13:07:46
> Ämne: Cannot run cmd command lines from GIT bash
> HI,
> I have just installed GIT from Git-1.9.4-preview20140815.exe having
> previously been using Git-1.9.2-preview20140411.exe I now
> find that some scripts I have been using for some time are no longer working
> correctly.
> It seems that now I cannot pass parameters through to a DOS  command e.g.
>     net user <username> /DOMAIN
> used to return full information about the user, now it just returns username
> not found, which is the behaviour
> if it is invoked without the /DOMAIN switch. I have seen similar with other
> commands, an even simpler example would be
>    cmd /c dir
> This should run the DOS dir command, but all it does is invoke cmd.exe
>  interactively

msys translates anything that looks like a unix path. try doubling all initial
slashes, i.e. cmd //c dir

You might have better luck with Windows specifie questions in one of the
msysgit forums than here.

-- robin
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