Am 2014-08-17 um 20:42 schrieb Jeff King:
> [...]
>>> I'm not sure I understand this comment. Even if SSL is not in use,
>>> wouldn't we be passing a regular pipe to curl, which would break?
>> Yeah, we can't do that, and thus would have to keep the handwritten IMAP
>> implementation just for the tunnel case (allowing to drop only the
>> OpenSSL specific stuff), see my other email:
>> (the
>> relevant part is pretty far down at the bottom).
> I'd really love it if we could make this work with tunnels and
> eventually get rid of the hand-written imap code entirely. I agree with
> Jonathan that we probably need to keep it around a bit for people on
> older curl, but dropping it is a good goal in the long run. That code
> was forked from the isync project, but mangled enough that we could not
> take bug fixes from upstream. As not many people use imap-send, I
> suspect it is largely unmaintained and the source of many lurking
> bugs[1]. Replacing it with curl's maintained implementation is probably
> a good step.

I'll work on this as soon as I find some time, but as that will include
changes to run-command.c (and possibly other files?), I'd like to cover
that in a commit of its own. Do you guys think the current patch [1] is
good enough for "official" submission already? If so, do I need some
sort of official review? Documentation/SubmittingPatches says I'm only
supposed to direct it to Junio after the list "reaches consensus", so
I'm wondering how to get there... :-)

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