Robert Dailey <> writes:

> The way I set up my remote tracking branch will be different for each
> of these commands:
> - git pull :: If I want convenient pulls (with rebase), I will track
> my upstream branch. My pushes have to be more explicit as a tradeoff.

Keeping 'origin' pointing at the repository where you cloned from,
without doing anything funky (i.e. "set up my remote") would give
you convenient pulls.

> - git push :: If I want convenient pushes, track my origin branch.
> Pulls become less convenient. My relative submodules will now need to
> be forked.

You need to configure your pushes to go to a different place, if you
want them to go to a different place ;-).

Long time ago, it used to be that you have to affect the URL used in
both direction, making pulls less conveninent, but hasn't this been
made an non-issue for triangular workflows with the introduction of
remote.pushdefault long time ago?

> - git submodule update :: I track upstream to avoid forking my
> submodules. But pushes become more inconvenient.

If 'submodule update' follows the same place as 'pull' goes by
default, I would imagine that there is no issue here, no?  Am I
oversimplifying the issue by guessing that the root cause of is that
you are not using remote.pushdefault from your configuration
toolchest and instead setting the 'origin' to a wrong (i.e. where
push goes) place?
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