Johannes Sixt <> writes:

> Am 19.08.2014 19:15, schrieb Robin Rosenberg:
>> Using the original filename suffix for the temporary input files to
>> the merge tool confuses IDEs like Eclipse. This patch introduces
>> a configurtion option, mergetool.tmpsuffix, which get appended to
>> the temporary file name. That way the user can choose to use a
>> suffix like ".tmp", which does not cause confusion.
> I have a merge tool that does syntax highlighting based on the file
> extension. Given this:
>> +    BACKUP="./$MERGED.BACKUP.$ext$tmpsuffix"
>> +    LOCAL="./$MERGED.LOCAL.$ext$tmpsuffix"
>> +    REMOTE="./$MERGED.REMOTE.$ext$tmpsuffix"
>> +    BASE="./$MERGED.BASE.$ext$tmpsuffix"
> I guess I lose syntax highlighting if I were to use mergetool.tmpsuffix;
> but then I don't use Eclipse. Could it be that this is really just a
> band-aid for Eclipse users, not IDEs in general as you are hinting in
> the Documentation of the new variable?

The phrase "IDEs like Eclipse" in the proposed log message did not
tell me (which I think is a good thing) if IDEs that need "band-aid"
are majority or minority, but I agree that we should not hint that
IDEs in general would benefit by setting this variable.  A warning
on the syntax-aware editors may be necessary.

Thanks for a careful reading.

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