On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 10:39 PM, Matthias Urlichs <matth...@urlichs.de> wrote:
> What I would like to have, instead, is a version of shallow cloning which
> cuts off not at a pre-determined depth, but at a given branch (or set of
> branches). In other words, given
>             +-J--K  (packaged)
>            /    /
>   +-F--G--H----I    (clean)
>  /       /
> A---B---C---D---E   (upstream)
> a command "git clone --shallow-until upstream $REPO" (or however that would
> be named) would create a shallow git archive which contains branches
> packaged+clean, with commits FGHIJK. In contrast, with --single-branch and
> --depth 4 I would get CGHIJK, which isn't what I'd want.

I would imagine a more generic mechanism "git clone
--shallow-rev=<rev> $REPO" where you could pass anything that "git
rev-list" can accept (maybe more restricted, and some verification
required). --shallow-rev could be repeated. So in your case it could
be "git clone --shallow-rev="^A" $REPO". We could even maybe turn
--depth into a generic thing that is accepted by rev-list so that it
could be easily combined with other rev-list options (--shallow-rev
and --depth are mutually exclusive).

> As I have not spent too much time with the git sources lately (as in "None
> at all"), some pointers where to start implementing this would be
> appreciated, assuming (a) this has a reasonable chance of landing in git and
> (b) nobody beats me to it. ;-)

I'd like to see this implemented. You are not the first one
complaining about the (lack of) flexibility of --depth. If you have
time, I may be able to support (I should not take on another topic
given my many ongoing/unfinished topics). The starting point is
upload-pack.c. And GIT_TRACE env variable will be your friend. Search
for get_shallow_commits(). There the function is supposed to traverse
down from want_obj and set/unset SHALLOW/NOT_SHALLOW flags  properly.

SHALLOW flag should be set right before the cut-out commit (e.g. B and
F if you want to cut A out). NOT_SHALLOW flags could be used to remove
shallow lines in the receiver repo. If you traverse past an existing
shallow point in the client (this is the fetch/pull case, not clone),
then you should set NOT_SHALLOW so the client knows to remove that
point from their $GIT_DIR/shallow. Once you set these properly, the
rest should work.
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