Jeff King <> writes:

> Since we're now translating the keepalive value, and since there's no
> way to set it to "0" (nor would that really have any meaning), I guess
> we could switch the internal "no keepalive" value to 0, and do:
>   ret = poll(pfd, pollsize, keepalive ? 1000 * keepalive : -1);
> which would let us avoid setting it to -1 in some other spots.  I dunno
> if that actually makes a real difference to maintainability, though.

Where we parse and set the value of the variable, we do this:

        else if (!strcmp("uploadpack.keepalive", var)) {
                keepalive = git_config_int(var, value);
                if (!keepalive)
                        keepalive = -1;

The condition may have to become "if (keepalive <= 0)".

> Either way:
>   Acked-by: Jeff King <>
> -Peff

Yeah, either way, the patch as-posted is good.  Thanks.
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