On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 11:29:32AM +0200, Rémy Hubscher wrote:

> I'd like to add a list parameter to the `git remote` command.
> We already have:
>  - `git remote add`
>  - `git remote rename`
>  - `git remote delete`
> I often write `git remote list` before finaly using `git remote -v` but
> it isn't intuitive.

Right now the list operation is done by giving no arguments at all. This
is a bit unlike other parts of git, which would usually define "git
remote list" and then say that if no command is given, "list" is the


> I am proposing to add `git remote list` as a shortcut for `git remote -v`

This is somewhat different. I would have expected "git remote list" to
do the same thing as "git remote" (i.e., list without "-v"). I guess it
does not have to, though.

Perhaps "-v" should have been the default all along.  I do not use "git
remote" myself, so I don't know if "-v" is what most people use. But
changing the output of "git remote" now is probably a bad thing (I
expect some people may depend on parsing it to get the list of remotes;
they should probably use the git-config plumbing to do the same thing,
but it's actually rather tricky to do it that way).

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