This is a re-roll of my series from June:

The goal is to clean up some ad-hoc parsing code. Besides reusing code,
this fixes some memory leaks, fixes some bad pointer math in
determine_author_info, and protects us against getenv() implementations
that use a static buffer.

This iteration incorporates feedback from the Eri[ck]s (particularly the
last patch, which is much simplified). In addition, I dropped the patch
that converted split_ident's pairs of pointers into a struct. It caused
quite a bit of noise through the code base, and only saved us a few
lines in the end (actually no lines -- it just made a few lines

The original was also based on another pending series in 'next', which
has since graduated to master. This one is based directly on master.

  [1/6]: commit: provide a function to find a header in a buffer
  [2/6]: record_author_info: fix memory leak on malformed commit
  [3/6]: record_author_info: use find_commit_header
  [4/6]: use strbufs in date functions
  [5/6]: determine_author_info: reuse parsing functions
  [6/6]: determine_author_info: copy getenv output

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