Jeff King <> writes:

>>  - When all the unmerged paths have their conflicts resolved in the
>>    working tree, we do not have to say "Fix them up in the work
>>    tree,".  We can instead say "You seem to have fixed them up in
>>    the work tree already," or something.
> How are you determining what has been resolved? By looking for "<<<<<<<"
> markers? That feels a little flaky, but I guess it would probably work
> well enough in practice.

I was going to say "whatever rerere does" by reusing whatever it has
already implemented.

> If we started using that heuristic, it would probably make sense to
> teach "git status" about it (and then maybe just have a failed "commit"
> rely on wt_status to produce the output).
>> I am not doing this myself soon, though.  Hint, hint...
> Me either, though it all seems like a sensible direction to me.
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