franz1981 edited a comment on issue #2844: ARTEMIS-1811 NIO Seq File should use 
RandomAccessFile with heap buffers
   @wy96f @clebertsuconic 
   Just for completeness that's what would change:
 by using a stack buffer if write/read length is < `BUF_SIZE` (=== 8192 bytes) 
or with a fresh new buffer allocated using malloc/free: in both cases 
GetByteArrayRegion/SetByteArrayRegion are used to perform a copy from/to the 
provided java `byte[]`
   - [IO_Write === 
   I see that this PR has few advantages vs
   - it is simpler/less impactfull on artemis code base
   - although copies always happen, no leaks can happen
   I see that for small writes the perf hit is not very high because copy 
from/to java byte[] from the stack allocated native byte[] is cheap and the 
native byte[] used is stack allocated, so won't impact scalability of the 
native allocator.
   I'm worried, because while providing this change it would enable a 
non-transparent handling of large writes/reads on JNI that could silently kill 
performance due to `malloc/free` + the large copy: that's exactly our use case 
for OpenWire and AMQP (until we'll get streaming of large messages in) and 
sadly it would affect CORE too, given that CORE writes/reads in 100KB sized 
chunks, that's >  `BUF_SIZE` (ie 8192 bytes).
   PLEASE DO NOT MERGE: I would like to discuss with you about it :)

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