I just tested it on Windows with a freshly built Geany from master and it works 
as expected.
Then I used the last nightly build and it failed as described.

So, it is indeed an issue with the nightly builds. For whatever reasons.

@Heihon if you want to test and confirm my assumption, I created test 
installers from current GIT master:
These include also updated translation files.

Btw, with the cross-compiled nightly builds I get also warnings like ` Error 
loading theme icon 'geany-build' for stock: Unrecognized image file format`. So 
I assume this is really some sort of binary incompability, probably between the 
Geany binaries and GTK/Glib.

As said, at some point I'll change the way the nightly builds will be created 
and then they should get more usable again.

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