>  even a bad rendering of a file (with my "bad" encoding choices") would be 
> better than Geany completely FAILING to open the file at all!

The Geany buffer is UTF-8, so Geany will not open the file if the conversion 
fails or the result does not validate as UTF-8 since it would risk undefined 
behaviour.  Any error from the conversion is shown in `menu->help->debug 

> Geany should have an option to "preserve BOM character" (in fact, should do 
> this automatically),

The bom is removed from the buffer as it is undisplayable and saved to be put 
back when the buffer is saved as a file.

> should also have an option to "load file with my chosen encoding and 
> filetype, even if Geany detects something not quite right"!!

As noted above that would risk undefined behaviour if the result was not valid 

> Don't treat all users as stupid idiots! It makes your software look like a 
> self conceited prig.

It is understandable that you are unhappy, but Geany is developed by 
volunteers, they do not have to help you, and being rude gives them no 
incentive to do so.

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