Hum… I don't know much about this, but it makes me wonder:

* I read in that *"in which 
a patch was installed that tries to work around some of the MinGW deficiency; 
unfortunately the patch broke a lot of things and was backed out. I'm not 
optimistic about a fix this time either."*  Does the patch proposed here 
exhibit these breakage, whatever it is?  Or does it misses some stuff?
* what happens when actually encountering directory loops?  It's probably very 
rare, especially on Windows, but still, we probably better have some way out.  
Can we stop Grep from inside Geany? (I'm afraid not currently)
* It's probably a question showing my ignorance in how we do Windows, but how 
comes this is new?  How comes it used to work?  And if it did, can't we simply 
do like we used to?  (I don't know, compiling on native Windows, or MSYS2, or 

I'm not against a patch, I'm just trying to get the whole picture :)

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