Note that `LexCPP,cxx` styles for C, C++, Java and JS, but doesn't distinguish 
between them.  Geany distinguishes between them, but Geany and Scintilla are 
different projects and there are a number of other users of Scintilla.  So 
Scintilla can't depend on anything thats Geany specific.

Also Geany (ab?)uses `LexCPP.cxx` for a number of other built in languages as 
well as the four above, Actionscript, Ferite, Go, and Haxe and there are 
several custom filetypes distributed with Geany that use C styling, CUDA, 
Genie, Graphviz, JSON and Scala.  Finally there are many custom filetypes on 
the wiki and I bet a number of those use C styling.

So it would be best to (as @b4n commented above) to have a property to 
specifically turn this on or off in the Scintilla lexer as the language sees 
fit, see `OptionSetCPP`.

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