I didn't thought about the details much yet.
Yes, the GTK bundles used by the script are a bit outdated, 2.24.10 is of 2012.

So maybe it's worth trying to get the MSYS2 packages for the GTK stack and use 
them. I guess the Mingw compiler toolchain can be used from distro packages.

After a quick search, I just found https://github.com/fracting/msys2-scripts 
which seems to run MSYS2 within Wine on Linux. Not really sure if this is a 
good idea, especially in terms of performance. But this way we can re-use most 
of the Windows build related scripts.

Or we try to fetch packages from the MSYS2 mirrors, extract them and setup 
paths accordingly. This is probably a cleaner way :).

I have a bit more spare time in October and hopefully can work on this then.

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