Usually when writing a plugin I like to have keep the the loading/hooks code in 
a single file (ex. `plugin.c`) and then having some kind of "context" object 
code in a separate file, often implemented in OO-style (ex. constructor, 
destructor, functions taking instance as first param, etc). The new plugin API 
has been designed specifically to make this possible.

To further improve the new plugin API, this PR adds changes that reduce the 
boilerplate needed to write an OO-style plugin (often GObject-based, but not 
necessarily) properly.

The [first 
 is to add a macro to make it simpler to register a GObject type of which an 
instance is bound to the module loading/unloading lifetime.

The [second 
 (which is leading to the 3rd change), simply adds typedefs and better 
documentation for the existing callback functions.

The [third 
 is to add a second set of callback functions which get passed the instance 
data as the first parameter, in usual OO fashion. Typedefs are added to those 
from the 2nd change to allow casting functions to the right type. I'm not super 
fond of the `_swapped` prefix, but some kind of different name is required to 
avoid breaking backwards compatibility.

Overall the changes are pretty trivial. I tested them using the code [in this 
repo]( To see how 
this improves the plugin code a little, see
 where I modified a normal plugin to use the changes in this PR.

The changes are completely backwards compatible.

Note: these changes are a result of my [brain dump in these 
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:

-- Commit Summary --

  * Add helper macro to register module-scoped GObjects
  * Add typedefs and more documentation for plugin funcs
  * Add swapped plugin funcs, typedefs and documentation

-- File Changes --

    M src/plugindata.h (185)
    M src/plugins.c (39)
    M src/pluginutils.c (11)

-- Patch Links --

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