It depends what OS you use.
On Linux compiling from source is quite easy:
git clone git://
cd geany
./ --prefix=/tmp/geany_test
make install

cd ..
git clone git://
cd geany-plugins
git checkout -b spellcheck_strip_quotes_issue484
PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/tmp/geany_test/lib/pkgconfig ./ 
--prefix=/tmp/geany_test --with-geany-libdir=/tmp/geany_test/lib/geany
make install
The current version is as stable as a release usually, so there should not be a 
big issue.
It's important that you have `automake`, `autoconf`, `make`, the development 
libraries of GTK and Enchant (for Spell Check) installed.
The commands above will compile and install Geany and Geany-Plugins into 
`/tmp/geany_test`. You can start it with `/tmp/geany_test/bin/geany -c 
/tmp/geany_test/config` using a fresh configuration to not interfer with your 
current config. Then activate the Spell Check plugin and test.

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