> I'm actually tempted to bundle the MSYS2 binary along with the necessary 
> libraries

The only "problem" I see that we would may be including two separate copies of 
`libiconv`, `libpcre` and maybe `libintl` since GLib already embeds these. 
IIRC, Glib build system has compile-time options to tell it whether to embed 
various libraries, so in theory "all" we would need to do is build both 
packages to use the same shared libs from Msys and there would be no "problem". 
Maybe Msys packages already do this?

In any case, I don't think it's a big deal, especially if we eventually 
re-write "Find in Files" to not use Grep but rather GIO async file-IO or what 
have you (I might work on this some day).

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