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> Dear Sir/Madam,
> I was programming in C using Geany Text Editor on a Unix device today and
> found an issue you might find interesting to resolve.
> During the C program, the fork() command was used to create a parent and a
> child process. With the intent to explore the capabilities of the Unix
> operating system to handle defunct processes (a.k.a. zombie processes), a
> zombie process was created. Using bash and the “ps” command to view all the
> processes running on the system, it was notable that two processes related
> to Geany were found, namely “Geany” and “Geany (defunct)”.
> Following the zombie process that was created, bash was used to try and
> eliminate the defunct process. With many attempts and the use of different
> Unix commands, the defunct process could not be eliminated. However,
> eliminating the “Geany” process could eliminate the “Geany (defunct)”
> process as well.
> Whenever Geany was opened from the Unix terminal, the defunct process
> immediately reappeared on the system. By default, rebooting/shutting down
> the system eliminates all zombie processes. This approach was introduced in
> my case, but as soon as I tried to open my .c file using Geany from the
> terminal, the defunct process also reappeared.
> For more details about the system I am running, please find the details
> below:
> Geany Version: geany 0.21

​Unfortunately Geany 0.21 is over five years old and no longer supported.
Please try with a newer version of Geany.


> GTK Version: 2.24.10
> OS: Linux version 3.2.0-31-generic x86_64
> Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
> Kind Regards,
> Samer Makadicy
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