> It seems a bad idea to apply a hacky patch to Geany where it affects all 
> users, especially just before a release.

The problem I see is, that it will always be seen as a hacky patch if only some 
people who tryout the scope plugin manually apply the patch to their private 
versions/installations of geany and no one else. Possible side effects will not 
be found this way I guess.

What do you think about the following:
- for 1.33 disable scope as suggested by @elextr
- after geany 1.33 and geany-plugins 1.33 have been released, apply the 
workaround patch in geany master (if @b4n agrees)
- I could take maintenance of the scope plugin. I can't promise much 
improvements because I am also working on other plugins and projects but I used 
it a bit from time to time and like it more than the debugger plugin

That way the patch would at least be tested by all developers in every day use. 
If we find any side-effects we can study them and decide to fix them or to 
remove the patch.

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