> Possible side effects will not be found this way I guess.

Yeah, thats my biggest concern, unexpected side effects outside the plugin, and 
since the plugin does not work on GTK3 I expect that nobody has tested the 
patch on GTK3 at all yet.

> after geany 1.33 and geany-plugins 1.33 have been released, apply the 
> workaround patch in geany master (if @b4n agrees)

As soon after as possible, we didn't manage that last release period, and since 
@b4n has assigned himself to the PR it would be rude to do it without his 
agreement :grin:

> That way the patch would at least be tested by all developers in every day 
> use.

With this particular patch its also important that it be tested on a range of 
different versions of Glib as the bug only manifests on some versions.

> I could take maintenance of the scope plugin. I can't promise much 
> improvements because I am also working on other plugins and projects but I 
> used it a bit from time to time and like it more than the debugger plugin

@LarsGit223 that would be very much appreciated.  In terms of improvements I 
would have thought that GTK3 is the biggest one thats needed immediately, as 
distros are starting to distribute Geany with GTK3.

Currently neither of the debugger plugins run on GTK3 and so no debugger 
plugins are available on those distros. I don't have any idea of the scope [pun 
intended] of that work, it might be very minimal, or it might not.

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