> I believe (without testing) that you could replace `auto` with `yes` 
> [here](https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins/blob/1.32.0/build/scope.m4#L3).

Almost, yet it's actually misleading and the second value is whether to 
*enabled* or not the plugin, so it would be changing this to `no`.

However, I wonder whether if we want to force people to make a decision we 
shouldn't actually go hackier than that and add e.g. an option 
 so that people that went the extra mile of adding `--enable-debugger` because 
they are packaging it have to notice and take action.

Anyway… I'm don't really know what to do here, because on one hand I agree that 
it's fairly bad not to have the fix that already exist for a while, but I'm not 
100% sure it's totally trivial (yet it seems to just be less optimized when it 
kicks in)

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