b4n requested changes on this pull request.

Otherwise, why not.  Specifying a GTK3 version could be nice, but I don't 
recall we decided on any yet.
Also, mentioning *2.24* is kind of irrelevant, as 2.24 is the forever latest 
GTK2 version -- but that's another "issue".

> @@ -787,6 +787,9 @@ Building Plugins
 The geany-plugins autotools script automatically detects the
 installed system Geany and builds the plugins against that.
+Plugins will build with the version of GTK2/3 that the detected 
+Geany was built with.

that's not clear (IMO): plugin will have to follow the *major* version, which 
is either *GTK2* or *GTK3*.  Here, I feel like your sentence suggests it'll 
build with whichever specific version of GTK2 *or* GTK3 Geany was built against 
(e.g. that if Geany was built against 2.24.10, plugins will use that exact 
version, same in case of 3.4.2, etc) instead of suggesting that plugins will 
use GTK2 if Geany does, and same with GTK3.

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