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> +/** Transform file names in a list to be shorter.
+ *
+ * This function takes a list of file names (porbably with absolute paths), and
+ * transforms the paths such that they are short but still unique. This is 
+ * for dialogs which present the file list to the user, where the base name 
may result
+ * in duplicates (showing the full path might be inappropriate).
+ *
+ * The algorthm strips the common prefix (e-g. the user's home directory) and
+ * replaces the longest common substring with an ellipsis ("...").
+ *
+ * @param file_names @array{length=num} The list of strings to process.
+ * @param num The number of strings contained in @a file_names. Can be 0 if 
it's terminated by @c NULL.
+ * @return @transfer{full} A newly-allocated array of transformed paths 
strings, terminated by
+            @c NULL. Use @c g_strfreev() to free it.
+ *
+ * @since 1.31 (API 232)

I need this function in peasy right away. I thought I mentioned that, didn't I?

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