@franco999 the Geany team are not experts in packaging, especially the arcane 
rules each distro has and so will not make packages.  The only package Geany 
makes is the Windows one since Windows does not have packagers.  Even the OSX 
release is the work of a single packager.  Instead we rely on the expertise of 
specialist packaging contributors for each distro.  But, being individuals they 
sometimes have periods of limited time so some distros/PPAs are slower to 
update than others.

Flatpacks sound nice in theory, but when someone tried to make a Geany one they 
found it wasn't as simple as the website would lead you to believe.  So until 
somebody contributes the infrastructure to create any of the "portable" package 
formats they won't happen either.  

And until one of the competing formats wins and the software is installed on 
all distros by default they have the problem for us of multiple targets and for 
users of needing to install some supporting software to install Geany.

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