> > Of course it's for convenience. Imagine writing the following line of code 
> > without using any functions with variadic arguments:

> printf("%s is %d", name, age);

std::cout<<name<<" is "<<age;

Oh, in C!! :grin:

To be fair to GI (what! me saying that!) most languages do not have variadic 
functions, so the GI has nothing to translate into.  For example what Python 
(even Cython) would it be specified as?[0]

So it would be a waste of time for GI to parse it anyway since nothing but C 
and C++ can use it and they can call the C API directly.

[0] actually Python ctypes can call variadic functions as completely untyped 
functions, but the arguments can't be specified, so GI can't be used, 

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