then start the repl by running python in the builtin terminal and then use the 
Send selection to Terminal
I want to use Geany as a full blown python IDE. I already have a keybinding 
`Alt+Shift+F5` for sending selected lines to terminal. This is currently how I 
run python script. 

If I want to run full script, In the VTE I type `python` and go to python 
shell. Then select all python code and then send all this code to terminal by 
`Alt+Shift+F5` where it executes. This is a three step execution which I want 
to simplfy it into one step by executing the script using `Run` icon in 
toolbar. There are times  when I forgot to start `python` shell and  send the 
whole code to terminal `Alt+Shift+F5` it then hangs Geany.

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