> this code was updated almost two months ago and very little activity.

The source code repository is here: https://github.com/geany/geany, this repo 
is just for website junk.

> I'm operating on ignorance here, having never had someone even say the word 
> "Geany like Genie?" and wanted to know what is the point of Geany

Geany is a lightweight, portable editor that provides lots of functionality 
that you'd expect from full-blown IDE, out-of-the-box, and has quite a few 
plugins to add more functionality. Probably easier to just try it and evaluate 
it yourself, it's available in almost every Linux distro's package 
repositories, and there are Windows and Macos installers on the website.

> Perhaps Geany is a holdover from the Fortran days and is still being used by 
> loyalists or?

The project was started in 2006 or 2007 I believe, and while it supports 
Fortran editing, otherwise has nothing related.

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