It's partly interesting, but as every static analyzer it's at least half wrong, 
so it has to be used carefully, and it takes time.  For example, the first 
issue is both irrelevant and mostly wrong (it probably comes from the fact 
`Assert` is defined conditionally as a non-aborting check, which makes the 
analyzer incorrectly think the checked value can be `NULL`), and the third is 
totally wrong, which might be interesting to report to the authors (it wrongly 
assumes control flow could skip the body of a `while(1)` loop). 
`src/encodings.c:608: error: PREMATURE_NIL_TERMINATION_ARGUMENT` is also 
incorrect, because of the semantic of the "incriminated" function.

Anyway, thank you for this, but it has to be sorted out, as it's not very 
useful straight out of the analyzer.

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