Didn't want to create a new topic since my issue is very similar. Except that I 
don't use GNOME.

Running the latest version of Geany on antergos with KDE Plasma. Super-often, I 
also experience lag (which takes about 1 second or so) which occurs during any 
of these actions:

switching between files;
scrolling text up/down
typing text;
cutting/copying/pasting text;
and doing anything else which requires updating (refreshing) displayed content;

In other words, it takes about 1 second (maybe slightly less) for Geany to 
update displayed content, which drives me crazy, since Geany is the only normal 
text editor I found as Notepad++ replacement (coming from Windows world).

So far, Geany is the only app on my computer which has this type of lag. 
Running the latest generation of Intel i5 8400 6-core CPU with integrated GPU, 
8 GB of RAM, and NVMe SSD, so it's surely not performance-based issue.

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