scampi commented on a change in pull request #6402:

File path: 
@@ -740,10 +740,16 @@ private void splitAndTransferOffsetBuffer(int startIndex, 
int length, BaseVariab
     final int start = offsetBuffer.getInt(startIndex * OFFSET_WIDTH);
     final int end = offsetBuffer.getInt((startIndex + length) * OFFSET_WIDTH);
     final int dataLength = end - start;
-    target.allocateOffsetBuffer((length + 1) * OFFSET_WIDTH);
-    for (int i = 0; i < length + 1; i++) {
-      final int relativeSourceOffset = offsetBuffer.getInt((startIndex + i) * 
OFFSET_WIDTH) - start;
-      target.offsetBuffer.setInt(i * OFFSET_WIDTH, relativeSourceOffset);
+    if (startIndex == 0) {
+      target.offsetBuffer = offsetBuffer.slice(0, (1 + length) * OFFSET_WIDTH);
+      target.offsetBuffer.getReferenceManager().retain();

Review comment:
       @emkornfield I based the logic of that branch (relying on `retain()`) on 
the same case below for splitting the vailidty buffer:
   However, for the value buffer, `transferOwnership` is used, which is called 
from `transferBuffer`:
   I am not sure about the difference, but from the documentation I understand 
that the ownership is not transferred to the new allocator when using `retain`. 
Does that mean the validity buffer case needs to be updated and use 
`transferOwnership` as well ? 

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